An important aspect of social media and the interconnected market, is the importance of your brand equity.

Brand equity is a vital business asset and attaches most publicly to your trade marks.

Registering your trade marks not only helps to strengthen your brand but also provides the following advantages: 

  1. Legal rights entitling you to exclusive use of the trade marks for the registered goods and or services, and a defence against infringement by others;
  2. Provides a cause of action and remedy against others likely to cause damage to your business through use of deceptively similar trade marks for good and services covered by the registration;
  3. The trade marks are listed on a public database and deters newcomers from attempting to encroach on your market or pass themselves off as an associated business;
  4. It is a highly valuable business asset that can be licensed, franchised or sold;
  5. Is an asset that can be used as security for business loans and funding.

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